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Vehicle Park

Vehicle Park
We have our own fleet of MERCEDES - BENZ Actros tractors, low loaders, telescopic and modular autotrailers Faymonville, Meusburger, Shunyun Syv8. Therefore, we work without intermediaries and offer the best prices for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.
Low loader telescopic trailers
Telescopic trawls are the most versatile equipment for the transportation of oversized cargo. The ability to change the length of the loading platform makes it possible to use telescopic trawls to solve many complex logistics problems.
Modular low loaders
The modular low loader is used for the transportation of super-heavy, bulky cargo and is capable of a universal increase in the area of the main loading platform. The loading platform of the modular low loader can be increased both in length and in width due to the articulation of additional bogies, as well as using a telescopic sliding mechanism.
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