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Our Services

Our Services
We provide a full range of services for organizing the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo by road and rail across Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and far abroad.

Road transportation
We are ready to offer you the following range of services:
  • registration and obtaining a special permit for the passage of heavy and large vehicles;
  • development of the most optimal route for the transportation of oversized cargo;
  • providing a more suitable special vehicle;
  • coordination of travel along a given route with authorized bodies;
  • organization of escorting oversized cargo by a cover car and / or a traffic police car;
Rail transportation
We are ready to offer you the following range of services:
  • development and approval of schemes for loading and securing cargo, incl. oversized on open rolling stock;
  • dispatch of super-heavy and oversized cargo by conveyors, universal platforms, open wagons, platforms, covered wagons;
  • registration of a package of transport and accompanying documents for the entire route; development of the optimal delivery route, taking into account the nature of the cargo;
  • registration and payment of carriage charges, fees, fines;
  • consultation on optimization of the client's transportation costs;
  • tracking cargo along the entire route and informing customers about the location of the cargo;
  • cargo insurance at the request of the client.
Multimodal transportation
We are ready to offer you the following range of services:
  • development of an individual transportation scheme with the selection of the appropriate type of transport to optimize the timing and cost of delivery of your cargo;
  • control of loading / unloading of your cargo with recalculation of loading places and execution of documents for acceptance and transfer of cargo at the points of destination, transit and transshipment;
  • registration of transport (shipping) documents in the country of departure, destination and transit;
  • organization of cargo transportation through the territories of the countries of departure, destination and transit;
  • providing information on the location of your cargo at various stages of transportation in real time.
Oversized cargo is a large-sized item that, due to its size, weight, or specific features, cannot be transported in a closed vehicle, that is, by standard modes of transportation. There are minimum and maximum restrictions established taking into account the safety conditions for the transportation of various goods for each mode of transport and for each state, if the transportation is carried out across the territory of several countries. At the same time, the term "cargo" is used with reference to the corresponding vehicle, that is, the dimensions and mass of the cargo should be determined by the parameters "cargo + vehicle" or the concept of "cargo in transport".

Non-standard or oversized cargo can, for example, include large-sized containers, turbines, steam boilers, complex metal structures, factory equipment, construction and road equipment, tower cranes, etc., which have specific shapes, weights and dimensions and require individual calculations of payment for loading and transportation.

The transportation of oversized cargo is always accompanied by the execution of many documents and permits from the authorized organizations of the country of destination. At the same time, in each case, it is necessary to competently develop a route for the transportation of cargo, ensure its safety, organize its escort, and also professionally perform loading and unloading operations.

SKM Logistics specialists will develop for you the most optimal route for transporting oversized cargo, select a vehicle for these purposes, prepare regulatory documents describing the specifics of the cargo, its size, weight and other characteristics, and will also advise on all issues of forming the necessary package of permits.
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